Reasons Why Bigfoot Does Exist

I was looking for a particular website with Google and noticed that there are a great many pages telling why there cannot be any such-a-thing as bigfoot.  I found myself moved to post a contrary point of view.

1.    Many footprints have been found and photographed or cast in plaster.   The prints, photos, and casts are physical evidence.  Google images

2.  Sasquatch fingerprints and footprints with dermal ridges have been found and preserved.    Dermal ridges   

3.  Witness sketches of sasquatch show great similarity.  Sketches

4.  The howls, screams, and other calls of unknown animals have been recorded, which sounds bigfoot are known to make and have been observed making.

5.  Remains of prey animals are commonly found with a pattern of killing and consumption that is linked to bigfoot prints and habitat and not linked to anything else.  Remains

6.  Odd tree structures, some of massive, impossible size, have been identified and photographed in many areas.  Bigfoot has been observed constructing such wood shapes.  Structures

7.  There are thousands and thousands of reports of people seeing bigfoot.     BFRO        Bigfoot Encounters site    Also see Youtube, and the Internet in general.   The accounts have commonalities that transcend time and place.

8.  If even one of those reports is true, then there IS such a species.

9.  The large number of sighting reports alone argues that there must be such a creature because no other explanation really makes sense,

10.  There are photos and video of bigfoot.

11.  And lastly, even if you should think this evidence is a pile of crap, it’s a pretty damn big pile of crap to accumulate around something purely imaginary.


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Image result for best pictures of bigfoot




The Shaawanoki of Florida

I saw a  Youtube video a few years ago about an incident in the Green Swamp in Florida, I think it was, in which a motorist struck and killed a swamp ape similar to that in shaawanoki picture to the right.
The piece had a photo that looked absolutely real to me.  It was gripping and unforgettable.
Apparently the motorist called 911 and EMTs came out, pronounced it dead, and took it away in a body bag.  Unfortunately, the guy ran into the usual haters–those apertures who criticize the best  evidence the most vociferously.   He soon took down the video.
Anybody know anything bout this? I would be so thrilled to see that photo again.
Some general swamp ape / shaawanoee info:
Sighting reports and information:

Deduction and experience–to dogman and back

As I get older, I have come to appreciate that older people are underappreciated.  We, the elders, are wise, and our wisdom should be respected by our juniors. Like that will happen.  But I nevertheless offer some wisdom for your consideration.  It may sound familiar to some.

✶  The spiritual realm is real.   For real.

✶  There are many invisible, incorporeal, immortal spirit beings with whom we share the cosmos.  Ask about those out-of-body experiences.

✶The spirits already chose sides– good or bad.

✶ The ones who chose bad like to see us suffer and want to make us miserable as possible for as long as possible.

✶These bad spirits have been here with us on Earth for eons.   They know us well, are smart, and are much more knowledgeable about the universe than we are.

✶    The sight of one scares us stone stupid.

Given the above, I have come to these conclusions:

➙  Bigfoot can be influenced or possessed by bad spirits.   This explains some of the weirder experiences of bigfoot.

➙ Not all bigfoot are likely to be evilly influenced.

➙ “Aliens” may be bad spirits.  These aliens would have no relation to actual aliens.

  They had plenty of time to develop advanced technology like flying saucers.  This explains why UFOs can be “summoned,” why they sometimes zoom up to observers, and why they abduct and torture people.

➙  No way dogman evolved from dogs or people.   Some  contend that dogman creatures were created by genetic engineering.   Aliens and demons perhaps being the same thing, I guess it would be possible for them to make dogmen, and it sure would explain the dogman temperament.

➙  Other stuff is out there.

Cryptid Types

I have been thinking some more about the various ways we are trying to sort the cryptids of which we are aware, and we might be looking at it wrong.

The bigfoot guys are might be grouped all into one bunch–ranging along more of a spectrum than cut into clear groups of different kinds.  When we are trying over long periods to sort them and we keep getting more confused, it might be better to lump them until we know more.  When we do know more, we will be able to parse this out.

Dogman is another thing entirely that I will not work into this post.

Game camera puzzle

I just read an article from the Texas Wood Ape Conservancy that detailed their investigation into whether the cameras make sounds inaudible to us but that bigfoot can hear.

camera test

I am wondering now whether some light emanates from the cameras that bigfoot can see and we cannot.  Next investigation?  What kind of expert would be able to examine the cameras for that issue?  I don’t know, but I am sure the TWAC will be able to tackle it sometime.

Binge-worthy Bigfoot Podcast List

There are a lot of bigfoot-related podcasts out there.   I have listened to everything I, personally, can find, but I long for more.  Maybe you do, too.

But it’s a tricky proposition, because the good ones can be hard to find and hard to sort out from the crummy ones.

I have made a list of the podcast shows I can recommend and links thereto for your education and entertainment.  Not  every program is a gem, but these are the ones that are reliable for good listening, in general.  Binge-worthy, certainly.  I recommend skipping over the first five to twenty minutes in the case of shows with gabbier hosts.

This is over 1,000 shows, so I guess you will be busy for a couple of months.

Bigfoot Crossroads (Outlaws on Youtube  (see also old blog:  Old outlaw blog) Bigfoot Outlaws, Coonbo and Company)

Bigfoot Outlaw Radio on blogtalk, 51 episodes, Bigfoot Outlaw Radio

Older Sasquatch Chronicles shows on blogtalk, 203 episodes, Older Sasquatch Chronicles

Newer Sasquatch Chronicles shows, over 300 episodes, some the same as on the older shows link, Sasquatch Chronicles newer

Bigfoot Tonight on blogtalk, 112 episodes, Bigfoot Tonight

Midnight Walkers on blogtalk, 91 episodes, Midnight Walkers

Nite Callers on blogtalk, 218 episodes, Nitecallers  These go back six years.

Bigfoot Notes From the Field, from Will Jevning, 27 episodes, Bigfoot Notes From the Field

Cyptid Types Kerfuffle

Both Will Jevning and Coonbo Baker contributed to the concept that there are several types of bigfoot.   I mention those names because it’s important to know whom to blame.

Everyone will agree they don’t all look alike, but Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, et cetera–how many types are there?   It’s very confusing.

Here is a link to a website that is trying to keep up with the burgeoning kinds of cryptids–Bigfoot 411.  Bigfoot 411 typesbigfoot-411-types-pageHere is an interesting collage of hominins from a BBC page that may also be some use in classifying  mystery monkeys.


An interactive sketch artist program is what we need here.  Volunteers?   I am not going to contribute to the confusion by attempting to categorize any creatures.  You can thank me later.

Here is a list of sighting particulars that a report or description.    A text version takes a lot of room but is copiable, so I put it on this page:    list pagelist-for-report

Crop Circles

Today I happened to de-dog-poo the back yard and noticed something odd.

This time of year, here in Central  California, the weather is rainy and the native bunch grasses are green and tall.  My backyard is a sandy, hot wasteland most of the year but right now parts of it are covered in tall, green grass.   We have to mow soon to wipe out the foxtail grass’s evil seeds that corkscrew their way into our socks and the dogs’ ears and nose.

Today, upon cruising the yard for poo, I noticed some  large strangely flatted spots.  Our dogs don’t spend much time outdoors back there and, if they lie down, they lie on the porch.   They would not be responsible for this.


Sound Familiar?

Does any of this ring a bell with you?

Rocks thrown

Rocks on roof

Sound of walking or running across roof

Pebbles, pine cones, nuts tossed near people

Large rocks thrown into water near you

Terrible stench, an eye-watering, rotten, skunky smell

Wall pounded on

Red glowing eyes seen at night

Eye shine at night, high up

Taps on window pane, tapping

Scratching sound on outside walls, windows, or screens

Trees shaking, waving, without windy weather

Healthy trees pushed over, branches broken in good weather

Animal shadows moving quickly across curtains or window shades

Howls, screaming, calls, whoops, perhaps loud enough to vibrate your body

Sudden, intense feeling of being watched

Knocking sounds on wood, rocks clacking together

Dead animals found in odd places, arranged oddly

Scratches on vehicles

Doors ripped off hinges

Trailers or large equipment tipped over

Dogs and pets disappear or are found mutilated

Fake-sounding bird or animal calls

Way-too-loud animal sounds

Odd arrangements of sticks and branches, stacks, teepees, fences, bare trunks stacked up

Trees broken off at four foot or higher level

Tree trunks or branches twisted and splintered

Barefoot footprints of unusual size

Prints made by big bare feet

U-shaped dents in soil

Unidentifiable animal tracks, resembling cow or horse tracks, but not right for cow or horse

Smears on windows, walls, or vehicles

Outdoor sheds broken into, freezers opened and pilfered

Animal feed disappears too quickly

Missing articles found later in obvious spot

All of a fruit or vegetable crop goes missing overnight

Animals going crazy, running around

Animals jumpy or injured in the morning, scratches, handprints on hide

Dogs barking, dogs hiding, whimpering

Face in the window

Someone is growled at

Someone hears heavy, loud breathing

Child tells of seeing a monkey or ape or a bear walking

Hunter’s kill disappears without a trace–no drag marks, no blood trail, no tracks

Domestic or wild animals found with necks or backs twisted and guts removed, some innards gone, some laid aside

Door knobs rattled, door knocked on in the middle of the night

Sound of talking in  woods or outside at night when no one is there

Yes?  You might have sasquatches in the neighborhood.

motto 2

Are Bigfoot Human or Not?

Are bigfoot human?  Right away the discussion devolves into a different question–what does it take to qualify as human?   As much as I’d love to dodge that one, it’s necessary to address it.

Neanderthals are humans, but not our (sub?)species, for example.    The characteristics of a group need not apply to all members of a group.  For  example, we know humans have five fingers on each hand, but being born with six fingers on each hand does not count you out.  So to speak.

Let’s just use these criteria below as a starting point.    A  no  for any criterion might disqualify bigfoot from human status.  Do sasquatches qualify as humans according to the these?

Animals > mammals > primates of the great ape department    probably

Omnivores   yes

Intelligent, as animals go   yes

Have opposable thumbs   yes

Have a spoken language   yes

Use individual names for ourselves   unknown 

Have spiritual beliefs   unknown  

Make and use tools and fire    unknown 

Know of and try to direct the future   probably 

Different bunches of sasquatches will fall into different classes, it seems likely.

Although this is far from decisive, scientific, or comprehensive, it can be a place to start.  We at least know some kinds of things we want to find out about these creatures so we can determine how eventually to classify them.


Less conventional information about sasquatch