Binge-worthy Bigfoot Podcast List

There are a lot of bigfoot-related podcasts out there.   I have listened to everything I, personally, can find, but I long for more.  Maybe you do, too.

But it’s a tricky proposition, because the good ones can be hard to find and hard to sort out from the crummy ones.

I have made a list of the podcast shows I can recommend and links thereto for your education and entertainment.  Not  every program is a gem, but these are the ones that are reliable for good listening, in general.  Binge-worthy, certainly.  I recommend skipping over the first five to twenty minutes in the case of shows with gabbier hosts.

This is over 1,000 shows, so I guess you will be busy for a couple of months.

Bigfoot Crossroads (Outlaws on Youtube  (see also old blog:  Old outlaw blog) Bigfoot Outlaws, Coonbo and Company)

Bigfoot Outlaw Radio on blogtalk, 51 episodes, Bigfoot Outlaw Radio

Older Sasquatch Chronicles shows on blogtalk, 203 episodes, Older Sasquatch Chronicles

Newer Sasquatch Chronicles shows, over 300 episodes, some the same as on the older shows link, Sasquatch Chronicles newer

Bigfoot Tonight on blogtalk, 112 episodes, Bigfoot Tonight

Midnight Walkers on blogtalk, 91 episodes, Midnight Walkers

Nite Callers on blogtalk, 218 episodes, Nitecallers  These go back six years.

Bigfoot Notes From the Field, from Will Jevning, 27 episodes, Bigfoot Notes From the Field


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