What WAS that?

We went to the Redinger Lake area and had not much luck.   It was 100 degrees and the only people we saw were a few boaters and some teenagers swimming.  At Kerchoff we saw picnickers, swimmers, some teens tubing down the river, and a few boaters.cat running

Driving from Kerchoff to Redinger, we did spot a cave that overlooks the valley and that seemed like a great shelter.  I’d hang out there, anyway.  Good defensive position, great view of local activity and terrain.    A place to check out again.

As we were returning to the Kerchoff Lake area, just beginning to drive back, I saw a big, black, short-haired animal cross the road at a lope.  It had a smooth gait was like a dog running, front  legs together, back legs together,  easily springing across the road in a couple of long jumps.   At first I thought it was a large black dog, then I thought, no it must be a deer.   It actually seemed more like a cat.  But it was pretty big, about the size of a great dane, at least.

Way out here…..   It seems unlikely that a pet owner would let a dog run loose when it’s so big it would scare people and other dogs and might cause trouble.  Then, deer aren’t solid black, and they pop up more when they run at a relaxed pace.  So I don’t know what it was.


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