Speculation on How They Hide

vanishDang!   Sasquatches are practically invisible.  Some people even think they can disappear at will, and that is spooky as heck.  But is this true?

I had one say hello to me, but I couldn’t see anything, and it had to be less than 40 feet away.   Got it on video, but I still can’t see anything.  My scientific sensibilities are affronted by the idea that a creature could be invisible, but there ya are.

The following may not jibe with conventional wisdom as found on other bigfoot  sites or blogs.

First let’s discuss pareidolia.  Pareidolia is seeing images where only random colors and shapes are actually there.  It’s easy to let this “help” you see sasquatches where none are.    Like seeing shapes in the clouds or seeing a butterfly image on a tortilla.

But let’s also discuss the other problem, the bigger problem, in my opinion.  Disapareidolia–copyright 2014 by me– refusing to see what is really there, seeing only random shapes and colors where an image does exist.    All too common.

Camouflage.  To begin with, they do seem to have some kind of natural camouflage.  They blend in to their surroundings.  I only hope that, if they come into my living room, they don’t blend into those particular surroundings.  It’d be horrible to think they could be in your house and you wouldn’t be able to see them.    Their hair has some optical properties I do not understand.  It may merely be reflective.  I do know that when they are standing in foliage, they can look green sometimes!

About three years ago, I saw a Youtube video of somebody’s walk in the woods in Oregon or Washington, somewhere.  After a couple of minutes of the walk,  as they returned to their car, a bigfoot was walking in plain sight in a parking lot.  When he realized people were approaching, he stopped stock-still and ducked his head down so his face was out of sight.   He looked just like a tree.  Or he thought he did, anyway, and the people walked right by him.  The video was posted with no remarks about the bigfoot, so maybe they didn’t see him in the video, either.  Probably this kind of thing happens all the time.

Their hair or fur resembles tree bark–the vertical lines of hair hanging down resemble tree bark in both texture and color.  Trees in the Southeast and Northwest regions of the US often wear various mosses that are furry looking or that look like hair, as well, so this adds to the camouflage effect in those areas of the country.

The hair hanging down from arms, legs, shoulders, etc., also serves to break up outlines, enhancing their ability to hide.  Hair hanging down from ankles could serve also to drag along the ground to obliterate footprints, although I am not sure they have that much hair that low on their legs.  I am just guessing on that.

Some weird stuff:  Costumes.  Bigfoot don’t wear clothes, mostly, but they do wear paint, foliage, and furs to aid concealment.  They drape the furs mostly on their heads, appearing to favor the head part  of the hide as a kind of hat.   I here remind you how Native Americans stalked buffalo herds draped in the pelts of wolves, because the buffalo were used to and generally ignored the wolf packs that followed a herd.   I have also seen painted red and black stripes on faces.  Foliage may be draped around the head and neck.  I am of the opinion that they also mix with groups of other animals and use their blendy abilities to look like one of the cows or whatever.     Sounds wild, but if they are a kind of people, it’s to be expected.  If they aren’t people, maybe they are imitating people.  Just speculation at this point, at any rate.

Face with leaf garnish.
Face (and hand) with leaf garnish.

In the shadows.  So, where would you hide, were you determined not to be seen?    Look there.  Take pictures of those spots.  And, if you have any brains, don’t go close to or into those places.  Out of respect for their desire to hide, out of respect for your own safety, stay the heck out of there.

They hide behind tree trunks, hugging the trunks, standing with their backs to the trunk, or standing right in front of a tree trunk.  I notice that they seem to like to keep an eye on you, so they peek out around the side to see what you are doing.  In a picture, I found one on a large horizontal branch, clinging with all four limbs.

From Google Earth. I don't know if these are actual sasquatchlings, but you get the idea.
From Google Earth. I don’t know if these are actual sasquatchlings, but you get the idea.

I look for off-color areas, too.  A brown that is too reddish, a black that is too solid and way too black for a daytime shadow, a white that is not the same as the rest of a tree trunk.

Trees.  They may be up in big trees, unless they are too enormous or the trees are too small.   Look up.  Trust me.  They hide behind woven screens of living and dead branches.  Look dead foliage on branches bent down.  Look for right angles.  They like geometry.  There are walkways.  I saw one walking along a big branch way up high.  The little ones may be in nursery cages up there.  Old ones, too.  To find which trees they are in, look for debris on the ground they knocked down, especially if the ground is snow-covered.  I think they may deflesh their dead in treetops or maybe just some of the dead.  tree guyssI know, pretty weird.

They also hide in plain sight.  From looking at videos, I have figured out some of their tricks.  I think.  So, I think they also hide by balling up and trying to look like a boulder.  They lie below a boulder or log, trying to look like a shadow.  They may garnish themselves with leaves for a more natural look.  They lie in the grass,  hoping you will think they are a patch of dead weeds or something.  They sit beside a tree trunk with their legs splayed out like roots running out from the trunk.  I know that sounds pretty weird, but that’s what I have seen.    But they like to peep out.  Curiosity gets to them.

This video is from Realityghost, a Youtuber from Vermont.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K7k_7pnlhA  In it, you can see a lot of the above.    He talks about this and that, but he is showing you where and how they hide, I think.  From about the one minute mark on, check it out.  It is not about the blown-down branches.    At 2:04 see the brown sasquatch hiding in the woodpile, its furry arm sticking out like a branch–Squatch, please–there may be several in there in those fallen trees.  In fact, there are quite a few scattered throughout the video.   I will let you find the rest.  Like Where’s Waldo, in sepia tones.

In my pictures, I find they mostly manage to keep foliage or branches between themselves and my camera.  I often see an x or star shape in front of their faces.


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