Upstate New York and Other Historical Information

t river

I used to live in Cortland, New York, about 30 miles south of Syracuse. It is very snowy in wintertime and rainy in the summers.  The many lakes and rivers, as well as a great deal of hardwood forest, make much of it good bigfoot habitat.

I found this article about the history of bigfoot and folklore of this area.  folklore

Volume 35

 From Wild Man to Monster: The Historical Evolution of Bigfoot in New York State by Robert E. Bartholomew and Brian Regal

When the first European settlers entered what is now New York State and its environs, they brought with them not only their material culture, …………………

Not surprisingly, the early pioneers of what is now New York State reported their own wild men. Some of these accounts undoubtedly depict hermits or deranged individuals whose dishevelled and unkempt appearance led to the conclusion that they were degenerates regressed to a feral state after living in the wild. The first New World account of a wild man in the region occurred in 1818 near Ellisburg, close to the Canadian border, when a “gentleman of unquestionable veracity” reported seeing a man dashing through the woods. It was covered in hair and bent forward as it moved. A massive search ensued, involving hundreds of residents, but to no avail (Exeter Watchman 1818). Two decades later, in August 1838, a boy told his father of encountering a hairy boy in the town of Silver Lake, Pennsylvania, on the New York border:

The boy was sent to work in the backwoods near the New York State line. He took with him a gun, and was told by his father to shoot anything he might see,

Read more at folklore


There is also this site Northern bigfoot

and  link to article

and what they want you to think


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