More weird stuff

I have found that when I have posted a picture, it is not always easy for a reader of the blog to make out what I had wanted to show.  The resolution deteriorates somewhat and the size might be bigger or smaller than it seems like it should have been.  I will experiment and see if I can find the way to get photos to come out for you the way they looked to me when I posted them.

Here is some semi-weird stuff:  blue eye shine and eye shine that looks like it is shooting out of their eyes.

I also would like to let you know that in my pictures I think I am getting bigfoot but maybe other stuff too.   I don’t know.  I have been trying to figure that out for years and am about ready to give up.  That stuff will be under the WTF page or I may make a category for WTF materials.  Because it’s just weird.  I am not saying it’s this or that or anything….some of it’s probably nothing but some of it is sure something.

Like how weird?

Like…..little people?

And littler ones?

Like ones that look kind of like clowns….

You can’t tell where one starts and leaves off, they all look like they are piled together….

Guys that are kind of blue… (whaaaaat??)

Hope I am wrong.


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