Sasquatch Superpowers?

Some people believe that all phenomenon are purely physical, and some believe there are both physical and spiritual realms.

If you are of the former persuasion, you will need to suspend disbelief at this point.  Of course, the spiritual may be able to be explained by physics–but I wonder if maybe it’s the other way around, and the physical is a manifestation of things spiritual.

So, what is sasquatch?

Some say sasquatch is a spiritual being, in chief, but it can travel back and forth between the spirit and physical worlds.   In this vein, there are stories of:

footprints disappearing mid trackway,

creatures appearing and disappearing before someone’s eyes,

passing through “portals,”


floaty and silent locomotion,

possible disappearance of some humans due to some kind of sasquatch  shenanigans,

superhuman jumping ability and running speed,


UFO connections,

an eerie silence when they are nearby,

feeling of being watched,

abject fear from other creatures when bigfoot are present,

apparent invulnerability to bullets,

uncanny ability to hide and escape detection,

night vision of some kind,

glowing eyes,

some kind of bizarre government cover up, perhaps,

and so on and so on.  It’s just crazy, right?  Like some kind of comic book character.

All that is not that convincing, being just hearsay.  But we don’t start out crazy.  Here is what clues me in that there is something hinky going on:  as time passes, long-time researchers tend to report–sometimes publicly but more often privately–increasingly odd and disturbing findings.   Even the “scientific” guys.   Off the top of my head, there is Scott Carpenter ( and, of all people, the Sasquatch Chronicles fellows.  Even Wes, Woody, and William Jevning have taken to saying that there is more about bigfoot in a story but they can’t tell it on the air because it’s just too weird.

Given the generally unusual and strange goings-on you hear about,  I  conclude that there has to be some kind of other-worldly thing happening.





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