Skepticism and Science or Someone Please Tell Me I Didn’t See a Giant Ape

Skeptic: A person who tends to question or doubt an opinion; one who denies the possibility or does not believe certain ideas; one who purports to think in a more scientific manner than other persons whom the skeptic treats as simpleminded.

Scientist:  Someone who purports to use scientific method while actually fudging data and wallowing in confirmation bias.

Simpleminded folk: Those who seek and accept as proof questionable or trivial evidence; belief precedes proof; these folk dismiss alternative ideas or contrary evidence; and accept ideas that lack experimental confirmation.  See entry for Wu.

What I get from the above is that skeptics just won’t believe and the simpletons believe too readily.  Neither position is justifiable in science.

The heart of science method is that an idea is best evaluated by experiments carefully designed to test whether the idea comports with reality and to disprove other possibilities.  Supposedly.

To prove that a North American great ape exists –aside from humans– there must be sufficient evidence to establish that fact and insufficient evidence to prove one does not exist.     But how much and what kind is sufficient are unclear.

The common idea of a hypothesis is part of the problem.   You cannot start out with a theory and gather evidence from there….you have to start with a question, not with a proposed answer or solution.  Let me say that again:

Science starts with a question, not with one proposed answer or solution.  By starting with the answer instead of the questions, you have put the cart before the horse, are doing it all bass ackwards, and have automatically twisted your results with confirmation bias which humans cannot completely overcome.

You should start with a question and then make a comprehensive list of possible solutions, and only then may you start to design experiments.   But how can you experiment on this bigfoot question?

Take this situation:

I saw something, in bright light during daytime, by the side of a road. Five other people also saw it, three ten-year-old children, two adults. We were driving by in a tour bus. It was less than twenty feet away.

Seen: something, a creature, standing upright, hair all over it, can’t see a face, did see brown skinned fingers, unable to measure sign later for height estimate, but guessed six feet tall, was seen to turn its head, step back, and slide hand around tree trunk.

Let's figure it out....
Let’s figure it out….

Go read about 30 reports from the BFRO state sightings and see if you can come up with a good alternative.  I’d like to hear any ideas that make any sense.  Believe me, people who see one have no wish to believe they saw a giant ape thing.


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