Do We Have Watchers?

I recently listened to an account of how bigfoot followed a researcher home.   Jo Dirteh   This made me wonder if researchers watching bigfoot arouse enough concern that the researchers are set up with a watcher or watchers.  Anybody they think knows too much is window smakwatched?  I don’t know why this should be so, but there is something to it.

This likewise reminded me of a recent event at my home.

When these creatures first followed me home or however they came here, they tapped on my oldest and bodacious daughter’s window a lot.  Then they started also throwing pebbles at my window about every 15 minutes.  Plus rooftop antics, etc.

Since I prayed over the property and holy watered it, I have had few incidents.   My daughter had more tapping and wall scratching, although she did not tell me at the time.

She said she thinks they left because once  when one was scratching on the wall, she was just fed up and asked it to please leave her alone, out loud.  It smacked the window once and stopped and did not return.

I recently had one LOUD rock thrown at the window, which, after such a long time with no activity, really did scare me. I think the reason is that earlier in the day, I had the window open and was listening to an episode of Sasquatch Chronicles, when suddenly Wes played a bigfoot babbling-chattering sound.

I always worry lurkers will hear something like that and think I have one of them captive in here in a closet or something, so I never play sounds unless I have on earphones.  But I was unprepared, and it played out loud.  And I think my fears were well founded.

Later, at night, when I turned off the light to go to sleep, within seconds,  BANG, the loudest rock smack on the window that I ever had here.

Just when you think maybe you are in the clear, they show you how wrong you were.  Just when you have yourself half-convinced maybe you imagined it all, some kind of irrefutable sign pops up to prove it is all too real.

So, moral of the story:  only play bigfoot sounds with earphones on;  they do follow you home; and they can be really obnoxious to have hanging around.


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