The Weird Stuff

It is common knowledge that many witnesses do not share their encounters with others out of fear of ridicule.   Likewise, many researchers have experiences they do not share, not with other researchers, not with, family members, not with anyone.

Most veteran researchers could, were they willing, tell you some odd events that happened to them. The cropped-old-icon.pngmore common or better known of these kinds of things include being “zapped”–being put into a trance, paralyzed, or put to sleep by a bigfoot, often including being sick afterward for at least a day.  Others experienced having batteries mysteriously drained, equipment malfunctions, and “mindspeak” or telepathic communications.

Some other events that have been shared with me by other researchers or that happened to me are:

Hearing a metallic sound

Hearing a very loud buzzing, like a giant bee

Following you home from a research area

Seeing eye glow–as opposed to reflective eyeshine

Seeing sparkles or tiny moving lights around bigfoots, including in photographs

Blue bigfoot

Green bigfoot

UFOs seen at the same time, approximately

Disappearing bigfoot

Other unknown creatures, including small bigfoot and gnomelike creatures

A  bright yellowish furry animal in a neighborhood tree.  The animal was the size of a medium dog, was not a bigfoot, not a porcupine, too big for squirrel or cat.

Being spoken to by a sasquatch

Seeing balls of light floating around–these are called orbs.

Dreaming of sasquatch, but odd spooky dreams

Blue eye shine


Goat Guys

Lizard Persons

Flying transparent caterpillar things

There sure is a lot of stuff going on out there that doesn’t get told.  I wonder what else there is that  I haven’t heard of yet.


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