Links to Websites, Shows, Research

Cream of the crop:

Websites, Youtubers, Research



Rocky Mountain Sasquatch

Robert Dodson

Brandon Garrett

Sasquatch Ontario  This is the guy who records them talking to him.

Scott Carpenter

Stan Courtney

Bigfoot Encounters 

Sasquatch Central

Kryder Exploration

Crypto Four Corners, J.C. Johnson

M.K. Davis

Linda Godfrey

NABS, David Paulides and Canam Missing


Sasquatch Chronicles


Bigfoot Crossroads  and Older shows

Bigfoot Tonight  This show discontinued but the archives  hold gems.

Dogman Encounters


Seth Breedlove bigfoot shows

Groups and Other Sources for Accounts:

Reports from BFRO

BFRO information from Native American sources

Bigfoot encounters site

Oregon Bigfoot

Bigfoot Evidence (lots of rehash)


Cryptomundo archive

Phantoms and Monsters

Gulf Coast

Bigfoot Info

Phantoms and Monsters bigfoot search results

Mike Wooley’s Encounter


articles list

Michigan Sportsman

Interview, Kathy Strain



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