Risky experiences

After reading many reports on the BFRO site and others, I have to conclude that most bigfoot seem uninterested in hurting humans.   Running away, hiding, and nonchalance are the most common reactions, based on my information.  But that is no guarantee of your safety.

Tree-shaking and felling and roaring are clear intimidation gestures.  Here is a personal favorite:  http://www.bfro.net/gdb/show_report.asp?id=45818 Charges may be bluff charges in the same vein.  These send a message of threat but are not harmful, per se.

There are also many reports in which a sasquatch chases a human–a Google search for BFRO report chased evoked + 9000 hits.   Of course, some of those reports are related to sasquatches chasing deer.

We usually agree that if a sasquatch wanted to catch you, they could, and so the degree of risk is unclear.  Thus, such reports are not as convincing or useful as they could be.

Some people have been “paced” by bigfoot–that is to say, followed at a very small distance, parallel to the person and at the same speed.  This may be an escorting-you-out-of-our-territory kind of move, or it may be for intimidation.  Pacing is not a chase, because they care caught up to you already, but pacing is all the more frightening for that.  Again, this does not actually hurt people.

They will throw things,  but usually they are aiming to alert you to their presence.

Destruction of property in the human’s absence is not uncommon, but puts nobody in actual danger.

Reports in which a human appears to be in great danger of being harmed or are harmed are rare.   Here are a few I found.






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