What Is Bigfoot? An Answer From a New Source

As it turns out, bigfoot may, in fact, not be of this world, after all.

The below explanation could account for why sasquatches might have human mitochondrial (maternal) DNA and unknown daddy DNA.nobf

It would explain: the eye-glow, orbs, the fearful reaction of humans, the size, the disappearing trackways, disappearing and transparent bigfoot, the zapping, the wierd colors sometimes seen.

This idea makes sense in light of reports of the “mindspeak,” bigfoot dreams, the disappearance of humans, and the terrible smell.  The baby crying in the woods events take on a new aspect, and so do the weird sounds, sparkles,  and their weird talk.

It puts the illnesses among researchers, the obsession with the topic, the anger and bitterness in the “bigfoot community,” into a new perspective.  Not to mention the dogmen and what-have-you.  It explains why and how they follow you home.

This week I have been on a jag of listening to Father Malachi Martin’s interviews on Coast to Coast AM, from 1996 on.  There are six or seven shows with Father Martin.

Father Martin was an Irish Jesuit priest, an archeologist, paleographer, a teacher, an adviser to three popes, best selling author, and an exorcist for thirty years.     He knew and explained the topic of spirituality in a unique way.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malachi_Martin  He died in 1998 under mysterious and interesting circumstances.

I was listening to the fourth interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqaLeX7kgOg of Father Martin and heard some very interesting ideas.  Father Martin, responding to a caller’s question, gives some novel information starting at 2:20:00 into the video.

The caller asks Dr. Martin about creatures left over from before heaven and hell were separate, before there was this world.

Father Martin explained there were angels, good and bad, and other beings, not human, we have no words for, leftovers or a reconstruction, from a mostly destroyed previous version of creation.  This is the first I ever heard of this idea.

At the beginning, there were angels in heaven, and on the Earth there were men and some other creatures.  We have no names in our language because we never saw them.  The a third of the angels rebelled, and creation barely survived.   What was left is now a sort of middle or in-between space.  Then creation was restored for the coming of Jesus, and man was also restored.  Some of those original creatures survived such as the “sons of god,” giants and nephilim.  They are in the “middle plateau” remnant of the old creation, and the devils reside there, too.

There is also another question about the same topic toward the end of the interview.   at 2:47:30 ish.  He also says that the nephilim and other such creatures are God’s creatures.

It includes information not in the Bible but does not contradict anything in the Bible.  Whether you credit the source or no, at least consider it and keep it in the back of your mind.  Test it by invoking the name of Jesus Christ when bigfoot is bugging you.

You may need to take think about how to protect yourself and your family in a different way against a different kind of threat than you thought you faced.


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