Google Earth Street View Particulars

gesv 20I am sure you can find some bigfoots on Google Earth using Street View.   But you can’t just land on spot and start looking, expecting they are near.  Remember they can be about any color human hair can be.

When I go Google-footing, I look for certain features.

1–The resolution has to be the newest and best.  Old pictures are just too smeary.

2–Look for low spots where the road crosses a gully or valley, around bridges, along riversides, beside lakes, or any place en route to water.

3–Don’t look in the higher spots because they don’t tend to silhouette themselves against the sky.

4–Do look in trees as best you can.  Look under trees and around rocks.

5–Check out shadows.  Are some really  a crawling  bigfoot?

6–Keep an eye out for big trees and someone peeking out from behind.

7–They do NOT avoid people entirely. Look around the edges of towns and farms, on or in buildings, in with herds of livestock, and under cars and trucks.

8–Look in lakes and rivers and on the banks thereof.

9–If you find something, exit street view and hover just above the spot.   The higher shot is from a different day.  If your something is on the higher shot, then it’s a natural object that doesn’t move.

10–If you do find a bigfoot, the clearer it is, the closer it is, the more detail you can get, the better off you are.  A lot end up looking like cartoons and it’s hard to defend that they are real and not Scooby Doo.

11–You are going to see some weird stuff.

12–Google blurs out faces. Including bigfoot’s.

13–Google misses some faces.

gesv 20 besv 21 gesv19 gesv18 gesv15


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