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Reasons Why Bigfoot Does Exist


I was looking for a particular website with Google and noticed that there are a great many pages telling why there cannot be any such-a-thing as bigfoot.  I found myself moved to post a contrary point of view.

1.    Many footprints have been found and photographed or cast in plaster.   The prints, photos, and casts are physical evidence.  Google images

2.  Sasquatch fingerprints and footprints with dermal ridges have been found and preserved.    Dermal ridges   

3.  Witness sketches of sasquatch show great similarity.  Sketches

4.  The howls, screams, and other calls of unknown animals have been recorded, which sounds bigfoot are known to make and have been observed making.

5.  Remains of prey animals are commonly found with a pattern of killing and consumption that is linked to bigfoot prints and habitat and not linked to anything else.  Remains

6.  Odd tree structures, some of massive, impossible size, have been identified and photographed in many areas.  Bigfoot has been observed constructing such wood shapes.  Structures

7.  There are thousands and thousands of reports of people seeing bigfoot.     BFRO        Bigfoot Encounters site    Also see Youtube, and the Internet in general.   The accounts have commonalities that transcend time and place.

8.  If even one of those reports is true, then there IS such a species.

9.  The large number of sighting reports alone argues that there must be such a creature because no other explanation really makes sense,

10.  There are photos and video of bigfoot.

11.  And lastly, even if you should think this evidence is a pile of crap, it’s a pretty damn big pile of crap to accumulate around something purely imaginary.


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Image result for best pictures of bigfoot




The Shaawanoki of Florida

I saw a  Youtube video a few years ago about an incident in the Green Swamp in Florida, I think it was, in which a motorist struck and killed a swamp ape similar to that in shaawanoki picture to the right.
The piece had a photo that looked absolutely real to me.  It was gripping and unforgettable.
Apparently the motorist called 911 and EMTs came out, pronounced it dead, and took it away in a body bag.  Unfortunately, the guy ran into the usual haters–those apertures who criticize the best  evidence the most vociferously.   He soon took down the video.
Anybody know anything bout this? I would be so thrilled to see that photo again.
Some general swamp ape / shaawanoee info:
Sighting reports and information:

Photography of the subject species and surprises

I grew up in the suburbs or small towns, but we did move a lot.  The suburbs meant new houses on the edge of town, near woods and fields.   In one such place, we lived for several years.

My siblings and I spent many happy hours with the neighborhood kids.  We went on expeditions, caught minnows and crawdads, dug tunnels, and hurled Osage oranges at each other from our tree forts.    Relatively little parental supervision was the norm in those days, thank goodness.

My mom had lots of field guides in the house, and we taught ourselves to identify plants and rocks, track animals, and understand nature.

Before I first began to take pictures of what I hoped would turn out to be sasquatch, I read beaucoup sighting reports and watched many Youtube videos.

I think my efforts to see a bigfoot in those many pictures and videos primed my skills of seeing or spotting them, as well as figuring out where they should be and where they likely would be hiding.

I have had jobs requiring a fierce focus on tiny details.  That and my background knowledge about nature helped me get pretty good at finding and photographing the bigfoots around here.

I can’t really see bigfoot in person–I can see a spot where one is, but I can’t see the actual squatch.  I can see shadows  or patterns that look wrong, colors out of place, a dark spot that is too dark in comparison with nearby shadows, a texture I think is fur, or other such signs.

I  also notice crows and flies seem to follow them around.   So if an area seems unusually buzzy with bugs, that might be because you have company.   Weird noises also might be noticed.

When I first started taking pictures, I didn’t use a tripod.  When I began to use one, that helped a lot.  Then I got a new camera and a telephoto lens and that was dead useful.  The telephoto lens gives you up close without the personal.  I feel much safer at a distance.

After I take some pictures, I go home and download them, then minutely inspect every inch of them, using adjustments of light and color to bring them out somewhat.

I think taking videos seems like a waste of time–no matter what, a lot of the video is out of focus unless you put it on a tripod.  The tripod doesn’t travel well, and I like to move.    I prefer to take multiple photos with the tripod in place, then later go back to see if I can spot changes from photo to photo.  It’s a lot easier, in my opinion, to see movement that way, as opposed to video.  In addition, with video you have a bazillion frames to check. Nobody has that kind of time.

I used to be perturbed by the fact that some always looked like dogs, but now I get that.  Some look a lot like you or me.  I think there is something out there that is or looks very human, whether sasquatch is or not.   Some smaller people, too.

I don’t really like to see that stuff, but it’s there.    It’s been suggested I am seeing what I want to see, but trust me, I am always surprised.  It’s never what I expect.  And I don’t like to see that stuff.

There is also something large and long, with spots on it.   Like a big caterpillar.  I have  no idea what that could be.

Sometimes I find things that are where nothing seems to be at all–against the sky I find figures sometimes, for example, where it looks like just blue sky.  Or what look like orbs or something in the sky in my daytime pictures.   Weird.  I don’t know that that means or if it’s really real.

I don’t see anything in my folder that is a real good example, but I will try to add some really soon.


Orbs or weird lights

There are lots of orbs or strange lights known.   Some synonyms in English include: (per Wiki)

jack o lantern
friars lantern
fairy light
hobby lights
pixie lights

“In modern science, it is generally accepted that most ignis fatuus are caused by the oxidation of phosphine , diphosphane, and methane. These compounds, produced by organic decay, can cause photon emissions. Since phosphine and diphosphane mixtures spontaneously ignite on contact with the oxygen in air, only small quantities of it would be needed to ignite the much more abundant methane to create ephemeral fires.”

There are also the Naga fireballs of the Mekong in Viet Nam: “Glowing balls are alleged to naturally rise from the water high into the air. The balls are said to be reddish and to range in size from smaller sparkles up to the size of basketballs. They quickly rise up to a couple of hundred metres before disappearing. The number of fireballs reported varies between tens and thousands per night.”

Wes ermer's Sas Cron video
Wes ermer’s Sas Cron video

Some other reported occurrences of such lights are:

Hessdalen light in Norway
Martebo lights in Sweden
Paasselkä devil in Finland
Virvatuluke in Estonia
Fireship of Baie des Chaleurs in New Brunswick
St. Louis Light in Saskatchewan
Arbyrd/Senath Light of Missouri
Bragg Road ghost light (Light of Saratoga)
Brown Mountain Lights of North Carolina
Gurdon light of Arkansas
Hornet ghost light (The Spooklight) of Missouri-
Oklahoma state line
Land’s End Light of South Carolina
Maco light of North Carolina
Marfa lights of Texas
Oviedo Lights of Florida
Screven Spook Light of Georgia
Skinwalker Ranch lights of Utah
Summerville Light of South Carolina
The Paulding Light of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Tunnel Dam Garden Center of Missouri
The Spooklight of Oklahoma
Min Min light of Outback Australia

mekong balls

Photographic anomalies–weird lights and such

It’s my belief that we take for granted that our world is normal–probably to save our sanity.  But the world is not always  perfectly in accord with our shared vision of what a normal world looks like.

Anomalies–things not normal– are evidence that all is not as we thought.   When we  find these,  we gloss over them, as a rule– it’s just a shadow, it’s a tree, it’s an optical illusion.  It was probably a bear.

It’s rare for someone to  stop to investigate and ask questions.  It’s a shadow of  what?  What tree?  What kind of illusion, exactly?  Does a bear have fingers?

I consider that some of my photos contain some of this kind of anomaly.  I’d like not to gloss over them, but at least to record what I think are the anomalies.

The below pictures are photographs I took with my Canon DSLR Rebel and a telephoto lens.

At times I will find a stray bright blue or red spot or small streak.  Sometimes there is a strange group of white spots or a white spot that looks unusual–square or perfectly round or with a burnt-looking edge.  They just don’t look right.

There are no flaws in the lens and it’s clean.

I have checked and the anomalous lights do not always occur in the same areas.

The lights occurred in very dark or perfectly black areas of the scene.  They are not from backlit areas.  Some of the lights are on branches or roofs or other materials known to be opaque.

To save space and your patience, I have cropped the weird lights out of the photos.

To see the collage better, use control plus  (ctrl +) until you can see it well.

anomWhile the pictures do not prove anything, per se, this is a beginning for collection of evidence.  I don’t know what it’s evidence of, but something must make these odd images.



What the Heck? Bizarre photo effects

My adventure partner took this picture.  I think I asked her to take it, thinking it was a nest, perhaps.  Nothing too weird.  Looks like a fishing lure on the grass or pine straw there.  Except the dark spot in the log.  It’s funky.

I use my Paint.net auto-level as a quick check on images that look weird to see if it might be worth the time to fiddle around to try to bring out any hard-to-see images.  I tried auto-level on the dark part of the log and got something I have never seen before and it’s really weird. What in the  world?log weirdness