More Supernatural Speculation

Here is the question I have come to at this point:      spooky

Do demons infest bigfoot and use them to pester us? 

Diabolic  infestations affect houses, things, or animals, not humans.   Obsession can include ongoing obsessive thoughts, sometimes even rationally absurd, but of such nature that the victim is unable to free himself

Below are some signs of demonic activity.    Any of these ring a bell vis a vis bigfoot and bigfoot research?

Chronic illness–can be serious or less so

Crippling conditions, lameness, etc.

Almost always obsession influences dreams. 

A series of bad things happens–like they did to Job

but here is a quote from  This should give you pause.

Some examples of typical and atypical, but still commonly reported, paranormal activity:

  • Loud, unexplained bangs, rappings or knocks, strange sounds, music, hearing distinct voices, crying babies or names being called which appear to come out of nowhere.
  • objects moving (either visibly or while you are out) without a human explanation.
  • strange feelings of extreme fear in certain rooms for no apparent reason, feelings of being watched or “not alone.”
  • vibrating sensations, feeling a blast of unusually cold or hot air where there shouldn’t be, having hair pulled or body touched in some way.
  • unexplainable cuts, scratches or bruises that appear and disappear suddenly.
  • unusual coincidences (this is a broad topic but often manifests as something that just has no worldly explanation, for example: finding a lost item after finding something that points you to where you would find it and instantly recognizing the connection.)
  • visuals. These can be shadows, lights, body parts or even full bodied persons  which appear and then vanish. 
  • smells that can not be explained, such as a certain type of perfume that appears at certain times or the lingering smell of feces in a home that has no reason to smell.illness



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