Are Sasquatches Dangerous?

We have little evidence that proves sasquatches might be a fatal danger to humans.

Stories of violent confrontation might be nonexistent due to the death of witnesses.  Most incidents are not reported, anyway.  One theory has it that the government is covering up any evidence at all, but especially any that would be so alarming.   So, our evidence is probably incomplete.d

Missing 411 books would suggest that bigfoot may kidnap or kill or eat people. Maybe the title here should be How Dangerous Are Sasquatches?  That notwithstanding, there is a variety of creepy or scary behaviors have been described by witnesses.  I will just list below the ones  I recall or can find, as food for thought.

What makes us think they could be dangerous?

They are large, smart, and predatory.  Right there, it is dumb not to be scared.  my version horns

Crying like a baby–to lure people into the forest so they can be harmed?  This is so extremely creepy.   They also may shriek like a woman in distress. 

The sense of being lured into some kind of trap:  /

They sometimes chase humans, although it is generally believed they don’t usually want actually to catch them, because they could but don’t.  Too many reports to cite.

Throwing rocks, but usually not hitting people.  They could but don’t.  Too many reports to cite.

Ape Canyon encounter

Van Acker story /

Bigfoot by roads–perhaps to stop motorists?   Waving arms.  Yikes!  This is very puzzling behavior if it is not intended to stop motorists.  If it is so intended, then it’s a risky situation for humans in cars.

That they often cross in front of cars when it would be  more natural to cross the road after the car is past implies they may want to spook a driver into crashing or stopping. / / /

And last but not least, there are tales of sasquatch rampages.  The Beast of the Land Between the Lakes story is one such story, but this may actually have been a different kind of creature.   Land Between the Lakes Story   Dogman.   Linda Godfrey

As it turns out, there is too much material here for one blog post.  Way too much!  Which alone pretty much answers the question above.


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