Last couple of nights….will update tomorrow or next day

We have had some trouble the last couple of nights.  Lotta noise, sound of running…

The noises woke me up at 6:30 am.  Second day in a row.    They woke up one of the daughters, too.  Knocking on the side of the house,  on the roof.  Pretty loud.

I just put a bit of cardboard with screws in it on the ground in front of the bathroom window, put packing tape here and there–hair traps or w/e, and taped a blessed palm cross and a miraculous medal to the window on the side of the house in question.    Plus did prayer and holy water all over the place here.

We will see what happens.  Because I have mixed my media, so to speak, if NOTHING happens, which is the goal, we won’t know if it’s the screw/tape , prayer, or just chance.  But I am just going for results.


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