Photographic anomalies–weird lights and such

It’s my belief that we take for granted that our world is normal–probably to save our sanity.  But the world is not always  perfectly in accord with our shared vision of what a normal world looks like.

Anomalies–things not normal– are evidence that all is not as we thought.   When we  find these,  we gloss over them, as a rule– it’s just a shadow, it’s a tree, it’s an optical illusion.  It was probably a bear.

It’s rare for someone to  stop to investigate and ask questions.  It’s a shadow of  what?  What tree?  What kind of illusion, exactly?  Does a bear have fingers?

I consider that some of my photos contain some of this kind of anomaly.  I’d like not to gloss over them, but at least to record what I think are the anomalies.

The below pictures are photographs I took with my Canon DSLR Rebel and a telephoto lens.

At times I will find a stray bright blue or red spot or small streak.  Sometimes there is a strange group of white spots or a white spot that looks unusual–square or perfectly round or with a burnt-looking edge.  They just don’t look right.

There are no flaws in the lens and it’s clean.

I have checked and the anomalous lights do not always occur in the same areas.

The lights occurred in very dark or perfectly black areas of the scene.  They are not from backlit areas.  Some of the lights are on branches or roofs or other materials known to be opaque.

To save space and your patience, I have cropped the weird lights out of the photos.

To see the collage better, use control plus  (ctrl +) until you can see it well.

anomWhile the pictures do not prove anything, per se, this is a beginning for collection of evidence.  I don’t know what it’s evidence of, but something must make these odd images.




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