The Bodies–where are they?

Here, again, I consider the eternal question, that being what happens to all the bigfoot bodies that should by all rights be lying around in their forest or other habitat?  They certainly don’t leave them where we can find them.

Logically, there is a limited number of alternatives.  Either  they bury them, burn them, eat them, or   . . . . what else is there?   I have considered the question of whether Image result for bones skullbigfoot eat their dead here .  Dead post.

It is possible they cremate their remains.  If they do, they would probably burn them at night to conceal the smoke plume and do so in a place hidden from ordinary view, such as partway into a cave or mine, or a very low and remote spot.  We don’t know that they use fire, but they are smart enough to do so.    Absence of proof isn’t proof of absence, as they say.   Ashes would be easy to dispose of, say to dump into a river or scatter, leaving us clueless as ever.

If they eat them, they may smash and consume even the bone.  And in fact, this would fit perfectly into their lifestyle of extreme, compulsive secrecy.   We would never know.

If they bury bodies, they probably don’t just dig a hole on a pretty spot and plant their loved one.  Their need for secrecy would probably compel them to put large rocks on top of a grave, put graves under very large trees, put bodies in caverns, or otherwise effectively tree-sky-slicehide corpses.   I have heard it suggested that they may put the dead in hollows in trees, but that seems too likely to be discovered, as does putting a body underwater somewhere or in a body of water.

It’s possible that they simply dig a hole that is much deeper than we would expect.  Yet, we dig around too much ourselves for such a thing to escape our notice.

One other method of disposing of the dead is practiced by some humans–natural defleshing followed by burial of bones.   In Tibet, for example, the dead are disposed of via “sky burial.”  Bodies are left for the birds to clean the flesh from, and, after that is accomplished, the bones are buried.  It may be that instead of burying them, bones could be smashed to render them unrecognizable.platform

Comanche Indians used  a platform for a version of a sky burial, so this practice is not as foreign as it might at first sound.

Finally and most creepily, the Maori of the Chatham Islands strap some dead to a young tree and over time the tree grows to envelop the body.  Bigfoot does not do so that we know of, but it seems like something that would  appeal to them, somehow.

It’s my guess that the sasquatches do a little bit of sky burial with an added tree element.  I think they put the dead up on platforms built high in trees to be defleshed, up where we won’t see them and higher than we can climb.   Then they place the disarticulated bones up among the topmost tree branches.   Just a theory,   of course.

Now that we have drones, at least some of that will now be easier to investigate.

Other suspicious deaths

 Stephanie Callahan

By WBTW News Staff Published: February 23, 2015, 3:26 pm

LORIS, SC (WBTW) – A Loris woman was found dead inside a “tree stand” after crashing her car over the weekend.

According to Horry County Deputy Coroner Tony Hendrick, 24-year-old Stephanie Callahan crashed her vehicle off Morgan Road, just off SC 701 on February 19th just after midnight.

Hendrick said Callahan then walked into nearby woods and climbed into a deer stand.

A search party consisting of family and friends found Callahan Sunday.

Hendrick said it appears Callahan died from hypothermia, but final testing is being done

Melissa Joy Dietzel

In January 2012, the body of a young woman was found in an oak tree in Australia.

Melissa Joy Dietzel, 22, of Redlands, California, was a U.S. tourist who was working abroad as a live-in nanny and allegedly committed suicide. Her remains were found 30 feet up by a tree surgeon in the Randwick area of Sydney after reports of a foul smell coming from its branches.

Dietzel, who was identified through missing person’s records, dental details, and her clothing, had not been living in the tree before her death, despite reports to the contrary. (Source)

08-21-2014, 17:54

Early on the morning of Saturday, August 16, I was leaving the Lambert Meadows Camp Site when I chanced upon this sight at the fire pit near the tent site picnic table.

I called out to see if anyone was around, but didn’t hear a peep.

There was no evidence of foul play, other than abandoned clothes, some with singe marks, in the fire pit.
The pit itself was dead cold, thus the clothes had been there at least a day. I’m also pretty sure nobody else camped near me the previous night.

If I had seen any evidence of foul play, I’d have called 911 as soon as I got a signal.

If I’d seen what was unambiguously a wallet or phone, I’d have picked that up, in order to contact its owner.

Because it was only a WEIRD scene, I looked up the URL for the Roanoke ATC


and left an e-mail for Shelter Supervisor Homer Witcher. He’s not contacted me back, so I presume he didn’t see an immediate need to see my photos.

I left everything exactly as I found it JUST IN CASE the area actually did need some careful analysis.

But I’m still curious what others think the situation was (still is?).

Did someone decide to give up hiking here, and symbolically threw away these clothes to show a complete break-away?   Or perhaps someone tried to dry out her/his wet clothes over a fire, only to find out that isn’t the best way to handle wet cotton or leather?

Any other ideas?

Great Ape Aggression

Here is an interesting tidbit from wiki….re mountain gorilla aggressive behavior:

The sequence has nine steps: (1) progressively quickening hooting, (2) symbolic feeding, (3) rising bipedally, (4) throwing vegetation, (5) chest-beating with cupped hands, (6) one leg kick, (7) sideways running four-legged, (8) slapping and tearing vegetation, and (9) thumping the ground with palms. [28] Jill Donisthorpe stated that a male charged at her twice. In both cases the gorilla turned away, when she stood her ground.[29]

Strange Backyard Game Camera Picture

6/6 update:  contacted four local LE agencies, two say no helicopter searches at that time, two remain to be heard from.

These two pictures are from the game camera in the backyard. It faces a corner of the house and one side, including my daughter’s gardening area and materials–that will explain the junk.  One photo is odd and the other is normal, for comWGI_0145parison purposes.  Both were taken about 1:30 AM.WGI_0144



Update to Home Situation

I realized I had not posted a very interesting picture I took of scratches I suddenly noticed on my bedroom window screen.  They are about five feet from ground level.

I think it’s been mostly quiet since the camera was installed.  Yea!  No interesting pictures, really.

I did remove the motion alarm as I think someone was setting it off as a prank and moving the camera up and down……some pest.


Suspicions–Death by Tree?

This death is very suspicious in my opinion.  I did some Googling.

and in case that link dies,

BAXTER COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) – The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation into the death of an Izard County man.
The body of 27-year-old Weldon G. Speirs II of Horseshoe Bend  was discovered by a family member Sunday morning in a wooded area near Wild Fern Ln, near the border between Baxter County and Izard County off State Highway 5 South.
The victim was suspended upside down in a large cedar tree.  It appeared the victim’s foot had become lodged and tightly stuck in a crevice in the tree, and he had been unable to free himself.
The family of the victim had reported him missing on Friday, May 27 to the Izard County Sheriff’s Office and to Baxter County Sheriff’s Office on May 28.  The victim had been visiting a friend on Wild Fern Ln, and his vehicle was still parked there.  It is not known why he had gone into the woods.
The body of the victim was removed by the Baxter County Coroner’s Office.  The decedent is being sent to the Arkansas State Medical Examiner’s Office in Little Rock for autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death.  All immediate indications are that the death was accidental.  The investigation will remain open awaiting the results from the autopsy.

The gentleman worked as a first mate on a tugboat.  He was  a young man, fit looking, rather tall,  but he gets his foot stuck in a tree?  Really?

It was a large cedar tree.  Aren’t those trees rather brushy?

He was visiting a friend.  His car was found parked near the friend’s home.  It is not known why he went into the woods.  What time of day did he leave the friend’s home?   Sober? Armed?  Did he own a drone?

It makes sense to put a body in a cedar tree if it’s a brushy specimen because the dense foliage would hide it very well.

There are a lot of bigfoot reports from this area.  I am wondering if this is one of those cases in which sasquatch prey is found up a tree or telephone pole, like in the video of the Big Thicket area camp  that Bob Garrett discovered.

This area is lovely but rugged, a  terrain of hills, creeks, and rivers with big patches of dense forest of mixed deciduous and evergreen trees.  Many springs and caverns dot this part of Arkansas.

Tip of the hat to Gumshoguy on Sasquatch Chronicles forum.


May 28, 2016

Last night, I believe I heard a threatening growl outside my bedroom window seconds after I turned out the light.  Turning off the light seems to be their cue to communicate with me.    First time I have heard a growl.

Yesterday was the first time I have been to China Creek Park that I think I have been paralleled.

I think I saw one dash from one hiding spot to another, just out of the corner of my eye.  That has never happened before, either.

Yesterday at the park, I heard what sounded like peacocks, but I think I will check out sound files to be sure.


Later edit:   I realized that I went to China Creek squatching and then that night got a growl by my window.  Well, we all knew they follow you home.  But, shit.

May 27, 2016, update

1–Trail camera seems to be deterring activity in backyard.

2–Reexamining paths for footprints at China Creek Park did not result in any findings.  Ground was damper when I first went and is now so dry and tracked up that nothing was found.

3–Here is a poo picture.  This was about 9″ x 4″ and  inches tall.  Other bits and bobs of the same kind of poo were strung along the path for a little way.   IMG_4996

Less conventional information about sasquatch