Update, April 24, 2016

I had some small scale and recurring window taps–just one, about ten seconds after I turned off the light to sleep.  Right when I’m ready to drift off, TAP, and I am wide awake and frozen in place.

My ordered trail cam was still in transit, so I put my regular camera on the window sill, lens out, and snapped a series of flash photos of nothing, just as a shot over the bow.  I slept one night with the bedroom light on.

The next night I put the camera in the window, and left the bathroom light on to light the back yard, and turned off the bedroom light.   No taps.

The trail cam arrived, and I installed it.  trail cam    I am pleased with the photo quality–I had expected 8-bit graphics or something, but it’s decent.

When the trail cam was out there, I had no action at all.  Yea!

I needed an SD card and could not find my spare, so I brought the trail cam in and borrowed the card.  I left the cam indoors over one night, and the next night something was out in the back making some noises.  So I put the cam back now.  It appears to work.

Will update as events mandate.


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