About 13 inches long, narrow at the heel
About 13 inches long, narrow at the heel

I look for and have seen footprints.  I sometimes take pictures of them, but I have never cast any.  As a rule, I don’t find them that interesting.

Footprints are too easy to fake.  Unless dermal ridges, like fingerprints, are present, usually they could have been fiddled.   And they often are.  Many times I  have seen photos of casts and prints that to me look obviously phoney.

Faux vs. bona fide
Faux vs. bona fide

And here is a handy chart with shoe sizes so you can compare inches and sizes and all that.

shoes and inches and footprints

Real footprints are not all identical.  Some will be partial prints, some will be deeper in the heel than others, some will show the toes distinctly, but others won’t.   Some footprints will have had the soil surrounding the print crumble and collapse into the print, some may show a foot dragging a little, sort of a shuffling step.  Some prints will show dermal ridges and most will not. They are individual and different from the ones before and after them.

Bigfoot footprints are in a line like this:  bf prints

People prints are like this:people prints


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