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The Shaawanoki of Florida

I saw a  Youtube video a few years ago about an incident in the Green Swamp in Florida, I think it was, in which a motorist struck and killed a swamp ape similar to that in shaawanoki picture to the right.
The piece had a photo that looked absolutely real to me.  It was gripping and unforgettable.
Apparently the motorist called 911 and EMTs came out, pronounced it dead, and took it away in a body bag.  Unfortunately, the guy ran into the usual haters–those apertures who criticize the best  evidence the most vociferously.   He soon took down the video.
Anybody know anything bout this? I would be so thrilled to see that photo again.
Some general swamp ape / shaawanoee info:
Sighting reports and information:

New Show — Scott Carpenter — Bigfoot Field Journal Webcast

Bigfoot Field Journal Webcast is a new radio program from veteran researcher and  blogger Scott Carpenter.   blog

Scott is a member of NABS (North American Bigfoot Search)  and  works with David Paulides from time to time.   NABS   He contributed to  the Bigfoot DNA project.    His experiences include being zapped and photographing a dogman and he  has been on the TV show “Survivorman.”

In 1972, the sighting of two juvenile hairy bipeds looking at him through a sliding glass door began his interest in bigfoot.   Scott is quite an inventive researcher.  He came up with the clever backward-facing camera  or “backtrail” strategy to capture images of bigfoot –who are most easily seen when they think you’re not looking.

Scott’s  spends much of his research time hiking and investigating in Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Scott has a degree in computer science and works  as a systems administrator for a family practice group in a Knoxville suburb.

I just watched his first show.  Is that a big ol’ X behind him at 18:40?  I am disappointed that comments are disabled, but can’t say I blame him.