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Game camera puzzle

I just read an article from the Texas Wood Ape Conservancy that detailed their investigation into whether the cameras make sounds inaudible to us but that bigfoot can hear.

camera test

I am wondering now whether some light emanates from the cameras that bigfoot can see and we cannot.  Next investigation?  What kind of expert would be able to examine the cameras for that issue?  I don’t know, but I am sure the TWAC will be able to tackle it sometime.

Research Expeditions With Bob Garrett and Co.

Most bigfoot aficionados  know that  the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization offers expeditions on which you can find bigfoot for yourself.    BFRO charges up to $500 for a four-day camp-out.

Their experts educate participants about the finer details of sasquatch behavior and so on–including secret knowledge they say you won’t find on the Internet.   I believe campers are asked to sign nondisclosure agreements, at least.

No dogs allowed.  No guns are allowed because sasquatches won’t hurt you.   BFRO expeditions 

However, you may not yet have heard there is a new bigfooter in the expedition business.  Bob Garrett of East Texas and the other researchers on his team just began letting paying customers participate in their trips into the Big Thicket area.

Mr. Garrett has a Youtube page. Youtube channel   He had a blog and, although he no longer maintains it, you can still check it out.   Blog

Bob Garrett used to have a lot more videos up on his Youtube page, but the government ate his Youtube videos and PC files.

I know, but under the circumstances…  I saw those videos before they were expunged.    So.  Just sayin’.

He is under a legal agreement not to post certain materials.  Others, however, are not under such constraints and have posted some of the videos that Bob can’t post now.    

Torn up camp video


  Break down

To hear a few of Bob’s interviews  click on these links:








From his voice, I always expect him to look like Festus.  But he doesn’t.  He looks like the guy lower on the ken curtispage.

Their camping trip runs about $500.  There are not many expeditions scheduled yet,  so only a few lucky people may be able to accompany the team in a given year.

Mr. Garrett’s team is vetting customers.   There is a stringent selection process because group safety is a big concern on these expeditions.  There is a safe base camp, but there are no other safety guarantees for participants.

This area is known for more aggressive encounters, which is both thrilling and disturbing.   You cannot predict what a sasquatch might do and this is in Texas, so  you may take along your handgun for protection .   Besides, it’s in the Bill of Rights.

Gun safety concerns are built into the application process.   No drugs or alcohol are permitted.

Government agents of a shady nature have been known to harass the group while they are out in the woods.  Helicopter activity or surprise visits from law enforcement or government types may occur.

bob garrett
Bob Garrett

Members of the Sasquatch Chronicles (paid service  portion) have a forum where this has been discussed.    My blog isn’t read by very many people, so I feel safe in posting contact information for the Garrett team.    I doubt they will be overwhelmed with applications on account of me posting the info.

♦  Call 443-794-7698 and ask for Mo.

While Matt Moneymaker might, on an overcast and moonless night, pass himself off as an expert on the sasquatch, Bob Garrett is the real deal.   He is the Anti-Matt, I reckon.