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Game camera puzzle

I just read an article from the Texas Wood Ape Conservancy that detailed their investigation into whether the cameras make sounds inaudible to us but that bigfoot can hear.

camera test

I am wondering now whether some light emanates from the cameras that bigfoot can see and we cannot.  Next investigation?  What kind of expert would be able to examine the cameras for that issue?  I don’t know, but I am sure the TWAC will be able to tackle it sometime.

Strange Backyard Game Camera Picture

6/6 update:  contacted four local LE agencies, two say no helicopter searches at that time, two remain to be heard from.

These two pictures are from the game camera in the backyard. It faces a corner of the house and one side, including my daughter’s gardening area and materials–that will explain the junk.  One photo is odd and the other is normal, for comWGI_0145parison purposes.  Both were taken about 1:30 AM.WGI_0144



Update, April 24, 2016

I had some small scale and recurring window taps–just one, about ten seconds after I turned off the light to sleep.  Right when I’m ready to drift off, TAP, and I am wide awake and frozen in place.

My ordered trail cam was still in transit, so I put my regular camera on the window sill, lens out, and snapped a series of flash photos of nothing, just as a shot over the bow.  I slept one night with the bedroom light on.

The next night I put the camera in the window, and left the bathroom light on to light the back yard, and turned off the bedroom light.   No taps.

The trail cam arrived, and I installed it.  trail cam    I am pleased with the photo quality–I had expected 8-bit graphics or something, but it’s decent.

When the trail cam was out there, I had no action at all.  Yea!

I needed an SD card and could not find my spare, so I brought the trail cam in and borrowed the card.  I left the cam indoors over one night, and the next night something was out in the back making some noises.  So I put the cam back now.  It appears to work.

Will update as events mandate.