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The Shaawanoki of Florida

I saw a  Youtube video a few years ago about an incident in the Green Swamp in Florida, I think it was, in which a motorist struck and killed a swamp ape similar to that in shaawanoki picture to the right.
The piece had a photo that looked absolutely real to me.  It was gripping and unforgettable.
Apparently the motorist called 911 and EMTs came out, pronounced it dead, and took it away in a body bag.  Unfortunately, the guy ran into the usual haters–those apertures who criticize the best  evidence the most vociferously.   He soon took down the video.
Anybody know anything bout this? I would be so thrilled to see that photo again.
Some general swamp ape / shaawanoee info:
Sighting reports and information:

Game camera puzzle

I just read an article from the Texas Wood Ape Conservancy that detailed their investigation into whether the cameras make sounds inaudible to us but that bigfoot can hear.

camera test

I am wondering now whether some light emanates from the cameras that bigfoot can see and we cannot.  Next investigation?  What kind of expert would be able to examine the cameras for that issue?  I don’t know, but I am sure the TWAC will be able to tackle it sometime.

Do Bigfoot Eat Their Dead?

It’s common knowledge in the bigfoot “community” that  all Native American names for that creature    mean something like “cannibal giant.”

However,  I am not sure this is actually true.  The links below have lists of such names and not that many contain the word “cannibal.”

Native Languages .org

 Nativevillage.org    ball game

Camp internet

It’s not clear what might be meant by cannibal–does it mean they eat us humans or that they eat other bigfoot?

We can be fairly sure some of them eat humans from time to time.  But do they eat their own kind?

More than a few human cultures have featured cannibalism at various times and  places,  for different reasons, and in different situations.

mask eWhat about other apes?  Other primates?  Some other primates do engage in cannibalism, but mostly in the cases of younger members of the species.

It was thought previously that chimpanzees would only eat infants or very young chimps.  All such cases researchers observed involved chimps  younger than three years old.  However, more recently a group’s leader was killed and cannibalized by his former friends.

Orangutans and gorillas are also known to cannibalize infants.

Bonobo chimps


Chimps and gorillas

Great apes also kill and  eat monkeys from time to time.  Monkeys at times eat their own young.

But none of these has been seen to eat adult members of their own species, except man.paleogenetics article 9 16 14


Some cultures eat their own relatives as part of a funeral type ritual.   It would be disrespectful not to do so.

But what about bigfoot?    Bones and bodies have not be found.   Do they eat their own dead?

This topic has been kicked around before, but the more I think about it, the more convinced I am becoming that they do consume their own dead at least sometimes.


Story of Orba