Story: The Stalker Between the Worlds

The Stalker Between the Worlds

Tucked in a rural setting in the southern hills of the United States, a hometown man walked the circuit of roadways around his home. The walker liked to be outdoors and enjoyed walking and thinking, breathing in, breathing out, contemplating nature, the universe, and his own part in it all. The walks were generally uneventful, running across the occasional passing car on the tree-lined lanes, but all in all, a pleasant, quiet and invigorating constitutional.

That is until a walk almost two years ago. 

The walker saw something along the roadway on one of his excursions that looked out of place. He slowed down his pace, looked down at his feet to see a spine from an unknown creature.

The spine had no ribs or bones, flesh or head. It was uncertain what kind of creature it was.  The walker lifted his head and looked around the area for more parts of the body, but nothing was found, only a stain on the roadway.

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