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Game camera puzzle

I just read an article from the Texas Wood Ape Conservancy that detailed their investigation into whether the cameras make sounds inaudible to us but that bigfoot can hear.

camera test

I am wondering now whether some light emanates from the cameras that bigfoot can see and we cannot.  Next investigation?  What kind of expert would be able to examine the cameras for that issue?  I don’t know, but I am sure the TWAC will be able to tackle it sometime.

Cloning Extinct Cave Lion

I hope they can do it!   But it would just be one, I suppose.

Thinking about this sort of thing….wouldn’t you need to have quite a few of a species to get it established again?   I think the number needed is around seventy, as I recall.  It would be an awesome zoo animal, but I don’t think they ought to release them.

The next creature I would like to see cloned is Gigantopithecus.   Yeeehah.

Siberian Times

cave lion 1