Cyptid Types Kerfuffle

Both Will Jevning and Coonbo Baker contributed to the concept that there are several types of bigfoot.   I mention those names because it’s important to know whom to blame.

Everyone will agree they don’t all look alike, but Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, et cetera–how many types are there?   It’s very confusing.

Here is a link to a website that is trying to keep up with the burgeoning kinds of cryptids–Bigfoot 411.  Bigfoot 411 typesbigfoot-411-types-pageHere is an interesting collage of hominins from a BBC page that may also be some use in classifying  mystery monkeys.


An interactive sketch artist program is what we need here.  Volunteers?   I am not going to contribute to the confusion by attempting to categorize any creatures.  You can thank me later.

Here is a list of sighting particulars that a report or description.    A text version takes a lot of room but is copiable, so I put it on this page:    list pagelist-for-report


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