Kryder Exploration group

Originally, Kryder Exploration was begun by Robert Kryder as an outfit to guide assorted kinds of expeditions into New Mexico’s wild lands.  More r kryderrecently, Kryder formed a research group that investigates mysterious phenomena, mostly in the Four Corners area.  J.C. Johnson, a well known bigfoot researcher,  is one of those  who works with Kryder.

The group has been doing very interesting and fruitful work.

Kryder’s team is  “in the field collecting evidence of “bigfoot  (Homo Sapiens Cognatus) under special request from Oxford University to be analyzed by the genetic labs at the Museum of Zoology,  Lausanne, Switzerland. ”

On December 5, 2015, they transferred hair samples to be sent to Switzerland.

Kryder says, “We will soon request this sample back to be included in a new DNA study now being conducted by UNM Gallup.”

His Youtube page  Kryder/Youtube

An interview by Mark Zasky:   Zasky

On Nitecallers:  Nitecallers


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