Bigfoot Big Brother

no fascists please
J Stalin        Mao Tse Tung    Kim Jong Il   Ming the Merciless

In talking to other researchers, I find a great many who have evidence they don’t post or otherwise make public.   They tell me they don’t share with the public because of how negatively some people react. Something is wrong with the picture when researchers say, “That is what we actually experienced, but we sure can’t say that out loud.”

You’d think you could say anything not defamatory in a free country, but apparently a lot of people want to limit the freedom of speech of people with whom they merely disagree.   Instead of reasoned replies, there are name-calling, ridicule, and gossip.  This is bullying and childish behavior that is unacceptable in adults.

Reasoning requires thought, evidence, and logic and is calm in tone.



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